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We have always known the importance of communication. Only through communication can a connection be formed between two strangers.  Only through engagement in communication can strong and meaningful connections be developed.

What better way to involve another person than story sharing?

Thaler Pekar, frequent guest lecturer at Columbia University Graduate Program in Strategic Communications, discusses the difference between story sharing and storytelling. “Telling is transactional. When you tell someone something, you shut down true communication.” Sharing creates meaning. It is about actively listening and having valuable dialogues. “It’s about moving beyond sympathy to empathy.” It is the most effective way to express complex emotions and truth.

This is particularly important to remember for nonprofits. Your stories must be shared. You are out there changing communities and transforming the world. Allow others to see the incredible solutions you yearn for, the wonderful future you envision, and the way your audience is an essential part of your amazing mission. These people can become heroes through your stories. That is the power of story sharing.

Just as the work that you do is life changing, communication is also transformative. Together, you can change the world.

Are you going to simply tell your story or are you willing to share?

– Annette