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Our sixth anniversary event this week was fantastic!  Our clients, our partners and and the team of Nonprofit Suite found common ground through Jeanne Bell’s presentation on creating sustainable nonprofit organizations.  Jeanne Bell, the CEO of Compasspoint Nonprofit Services based in San Francisco, was both thought-provoking and insightful.  Her most recent book, “Nonprofit Sustainability:  Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability,” gives us new language to talk about the intersection of funding and programming and how you map the future of your organization.

As I put together this event, I was struck by how many corners of the world you touch through your programs:  Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Israel, Nicaragua, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe; of course you also saturate our communities here in the Bay Area — Benicia, Berkeley, Fremont, Milpitas, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Martin and Sunnyvale.

You also do incredible things:

  • You are a food line to the homeless, a center for spiritual practices and education, a community for believers – Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist.
  • You are a support group for cancer patients, a social worker and a nutritionist to help after the diagnosis; a legal advocate for transgender people, mentors for our youth.
  • You are a community garden, sustainable agriculture and urban farming.
  • You diagnose HIV and AIDS in rural Africa; and build partnerships to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS with marginalized populations.
  • You are a pediatric surgeon in rural India; prenatal care in Africa; a whole new concept for doctors collaborating with midwives.
  • You create a global platform for scientists and patients to share stories, information, and research about cardiology; and build open technology sources for nonprofit organizations.
  • You make loans to emerging youth businesses; change the way and create a new way for business to report material sustainability issues; advocate for a strong tourism and hotel industry in San Francisco to build a strong economy; and re-vision whole neighborhoods.
  • You rebuild homes; protect wilderness lands; study the migration of butterflies; protect and preserve humane treatment of animals.
  • You buy and refurbish foreclosed homes and then sell them to low-income families.
  • You tutor our children; develop models of free on-line classrooms; provide scholarships to college students; engage students in new concepts for Middle-East peace; and teach non-violence tools to change the world.

Can you tell how much I love this work and why I think we have the bst clients on the planet?  It is our honor and privilege to work with each of you and support you misison of doing good in the world.


– Annette