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We have spent the last six years taking care of the accounting for nonprofit organizations. To celebrate our anniversary, Nonprofit Suite is honoring clients with a special Client Appreciation event.

Jeanne Bell, CEO of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, and one of the nation’s leaders in nonprofit finance, strategy, and leadership, will speak to our clients and share her latest insights.  Jeanne is a nationally recognized leader in nonprofit leadership, strategy, and finance.  Bell has also conducted a series of research projects on nonprofit executive leadership, serves as the Chair of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management and is a Contributing Editor at The Nonprofit Quarterly. Her talk will focus on the book she recently co-authored, Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategy Decisions for Financial Viability.

“CompassPoint is honored to celebrate this event with Nonprofit Suite,” Bell said. “We share the same vision, that nonprofits are critical to the success of our communities. And we support Nonprofit Suite in their goal of helping nonprofits
manage their finances and resources most effectively so they can accomplish their mission and continue to grow and serve our community.”

Since its founding in 2006, Nonprofit Suite has developed lasting relationships with numerous 501(c)(3) organizations by providing high level financial expertise to keep organizations abreast of their budgetary situations, and allowing employees of the charitable organizations to focus on serving the community. Over the years, we have built a team of accountants solely dedicated to accounting for nonprofits.

Your response within the nonprofit world has been overwhelmingly positive.  We have seen many nonprofits succeed in tough times by getting smarter about how to use and leverage outsourced talent and implement careful long-range planning.

I have often said — “We have the best clients on the planet!” This is a fabulous niche for us – we get to use our expertise and experience to support nonprofit organizations with practical tools and useful insights to improve our communities,  manage nonprofit missions and make a difference.

Thank you.

– Annette