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What’s a Fixed Asset?

A Fixed Asset is created when you purchase or acquire through donation equipment, land, building, vehicles, furniture or other assets that have a useful life of more than one year AND cost more than a certain predetermined dollar amount.  A Fixed Asset is most often a tangible, physical thing that cannot be easily converted to cash and […]

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How Much Operating Reserve Do We Need?

One of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organization is the constant attention that must be paid to cash flow.  The contributions, especially grant awards, arrive as a large amount of cash that must be used sparingly over a period of several months until the next grant award is received.  So the answer is, of course, not to let […]

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Avoid the Most Common Mistake in Cost Allocations

The most common mistake I see are cost allocation models happens in how an organization assigns time and effort to Management & General.  In particular, I see a lot of organization automatically assign 100% of the Executive Director (ED) to the M&G expense by virtue of their position.     The IRS thinks of expenses for nonprofit organizations […]

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If Your Financial Reports Could Talk

If your financial reports could talk, I believe they would ask three key questions: What is your story?  Given that you are a public charity, if someone picks up your financial report, what story is being told?  Can the financial reports be presented in a way that speaks to your mission and purpose?  Do your financial reports […]

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