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Don’t Forget to Give Contribution Confirmations

According to the IRS, nonprofits must give donors written confirmation of their contributions. If incorrect information about the tax deductibility of the gift is given, you risk experiencing the wrath of the IRS on the donor as well as your organization. Donors must keep track of all their donations regardless of the amount. For donations under $250, something […]

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Increasing Informed Giving

How can nonprofits make sure that there are actually informed donors out there when only 30% of donors actually research about the organization they support? Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of GuideStar, and Greg Ulrich, director at Hope Consulting, suggest three ways that will better promote informed giving: 1)      Focus on common sectors that donors generally tend […]

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Story Sharing Vs. Story Telling

We have always known the importance of communication. Only through communication can a connection be formed between two strangers.  Only through engagement in communication can strong and meaningful connections be developed. What better way to involve another person than story sharing? Thaler Pekar, frequent guest lecturer at Columbia University Graduate Program in Strategic Communications, discusses the difference […]

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